Finally after weeks of waiting... The server has been finally reset and can now be played on!
Making a new spawn and resetting the server isn't the only thing we've been working on.
There's a whole bunch of cool new stuff added into the server for everyone!

Check it out:

  • Completely updated to 1.12.
  • Chestshops added. (Check "/warp ShopTutorial" for instructions on how to use.)
  • Vote party added.
  • Cumulative votes updated. (Check this post for the full list of rewards.)
  • New vote and crates plugin. (Cyber crate added)
  • Mob spawning rates increased. (This chance also includes unbreakable spawners.)
  • New spawn and PvP arena! (Use "/warp pvp" to warp to the PvP arena!)
  • Events. (We got some cool events coming up soon...)
  • Pretty much all the plugins have been updated and revamped, and lots of new premium plugins!
  • And a whole lot more!
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Inverted_JackHey guys, as some of you know, I am making an animation called 'Cyberplex in a nutshell'. I will need some background characters, if you want to be one then please tell me your minecraft username and I will try fit you in. No rude skins please. There might be some voice acting parts open. If you wish to do some voice acting then please tell me, the parts will be small though. For voice acting your voice must be clear, must have a good mic and no background sound. The animation will focus on things that you normally see happening on the server and funny moments.
Thats it for now.
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