In-Game Name: Derpy4Hooves


Why do you want to join the staff team: Was staff on a sever before i came back to the cyberplex server for about 6 months and the server i was a part of went down to to irl issues on the owners end. and i wanna get back into a staff position cause i love making new friends and helping out when im not doing uber or working with family.

How are you different that all the other applicants: I have access to the internet and minecraft about 75% of every day. And im willing to adapt and learn different manners of taking care of the various situations that the other staff and or players may need help with.

Past experience: 6 months as a chat mod on a furry fandom server that was kept at Rated Everyone level for the most part. And have been playing on pc minecraft and console for about 3 years.

Anything else you wish to mention: I am willing to train for a builder, admin, chat mod, or staff/helper position whenever you want and will do my best to help promote and bring new players to the server

Skype Username (if you have one): Makeing one soon if nessecary
Discord username and #number (Required) Derpy4hooves#6853