Application for Cyberplex

In-Game Name: induubitable

Age: 15 (16 in exactly a month)

Why do you want to join the staff team:
During my time on this server I have realized that there have been issues that staff couldn't fix because of their ranking. One of the reasons I'd like to join is because I figure that if I can get helper, that gives another helper the opportunity to move up to trial-mod or regular mod in order to stop issues that I've seen as they will have the abilities too. I also play this server constantly and help people all that I can, but I feel as if I would be of more use if I had the abilities a helper has. I feel as if I have leadership qualities but also can be friendly enough to those in need, at the same time being able to make sure players are following the rules.

How are you different that all the other applicants:
Sometimes I feel as if people apply solely for the title or the commands and such that come with it (bragging rights, if you will). If I don't end up getting the job, I'm not going to throw a fit, complain, or quit, as I enjoy the server for what it is, although I'd love the opportunity to be able to help others. Instead of just telling players to follow the rules, if they continue to break them I want to be able to speak with them and find out what the issue is. If they are just a bad person that sucks, but I want to make sure that all players have equal opportunity to follow the rules and play if they aren't understanding something.

Past experience:
I have been admin on my friend's server that shut down 2 years ago. Since then I have not had the chance to staff on any minecraft servers, but I always like to help when I can(:

Anything else you wish to mention:
Although I have only been playing this server for a month or so, I have come to know the community and really enjoy the people on here. I know I've had some run ins with people but I hope that they understood my point of view and that I was just trying to help others. The players are fun and enjoyable and I like that the entire staff team is open to suggestions and change as it can be really hard to get your point across on some servers. Thanks!

Skype Username (if you have one): deleted a while ago
Discord username and #number (Required): induubitable#6488