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Staff Application by GuppysCookies

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In-Game Name: GuppysCookies

Age: 16

Why do you want to join the staff team: i would like to join cause I'm very helpful and i always have new ideas coming out for the server. I'm very active on the server and i honestly love this server and can see it getting bigger. I'm great at building and can always help for the events, or anything else. I know the staff guidelines pretty well and i know how the ban and warn system works. I also want to join cause the staff team is very fun and I've became friends with them and some of them close friends. I'm friendly with all players and I report anything that happens on the server or i suspect something is gonna happen with a player. I'm always trying to keep the chat mostly positive at all times

How are you different that all the other applicants: I'm different cause i guess i'm world wide on-time. My on-time is usually everywhere due to my lack of sleep or sleeping too much lol. I mainly can hop on at any time besides when i'm not home. but i'm planning on buying Mine-chat on my phone when ever a report happens i can hop on right away. Also i always respond to discord really quickly so if anything happens again i'm there. Also i get a ton of on-time all the time and will guarantee to reach the on-time requirements unless is something serious were to happen (but i would always let staff know about it)

Past experience: Helper on EpicSB, population of 100-150 players on at once at the time
T-mod on Cyberplex, population depending on time around 10
Event Host on CyberPlex (idk if this counts) but im the Event Host right now, just applying for an

Anything else you wish to mention: I mention this every time i apply cause i think this is my biggest achievement on a minecraft server. The owner saw it and agreed with me and change the rules so now its still a non rule to this day. And this proves i can change and help a server. Also I've change some things on this server i got mcmmo credits added And i did some other things on this server i kinda forgot this was at the beginning of the year when i was staff on Cyberplex. Thank you for you're time!

Skype Username (if you have one): GuppysCookies
Discord username and #number (Required): GuppysCookies#7525
Posted Dec 14, 18 · OP
Level 1
Nice application! Welcome to the staff team.
Posted Dec 14, 18
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