Hey so i don't think i ever made an introduction on this server, even tho its almost been a year since i first joined this server... so year you go

Background On The Server
So on this server I've been Staff here as some as you guys know. I was t-mod until i resigned due to personal reasons. I think i resigned when i started to become very ill and i stopped getting out of bed so i stopped getting on and decided it was best if i resigned. I think i resigned in March if i didn't i wouldn't be on until like August so good thing i did resigned. I made the server's spawn with some help of some friends, i spent a lot of time on it. I really enjoy this server and i think it deserves a bigger player base :p

Little bit of me
So i was born on July 4th 2002, if you guys are from America you should know that its the Independence day. Well i really didn't live with my parents due to both of my parents without jobs i was raised by my Grandpa and Grandma. They are both lovely people but not everything is perfect, but thats later in life. my in game name is GuppysCookies for a reason. My grandpa thought me how to swim at a very young age. Everytime i went swimming i would come out and have Cookies and milk. a Guppy is a small fish and well cookies are a yummy snack that i always ate. So my grandma gave me the nickname GuppysCookies at the age of 2. My parents got married at my age of 4. also random fact i started preschool at 3 then went another year so 2 years of p=reschool. I made lots of friends including my BestFriend Brandon. Honestly most amazing guy ever i have met. My life was good and my parents were together. Lets skip a few years ahead My parents are still together and honestly i see them as a perfect couple. Its sad how most parents don't last together or if they stay together they argue to much. So i never had to deal with that until my Grandpa and Grandma became divorce. it effected me a lot due to my grandpa was like my role model, and for being together for that long i never thought it was possible. At the age 12 i moved from Cali to Nevada. I had to make new friends and i didnt do well with that i was a Straight A student and i dropped to D's, huge drop XD. Freshman year was the hardest i think i'll ever go through. My Best Friend Brandon is no longer with us, due to reasons im not gonna explain that. Then After that i went thru a moment of depression, that seemed like it lasted forever but by the end of sophomore year it went away. I met this guy name Joe. He was my bestfriend i could talk to him about anything and everything to this day he is still my bestfreind but now my Boyfriend. We've been dating for almost 10 months. He asked me out on Feb 4th 2018 (on superbowl) I had a crush on him since like i first met him and im still shock at what happen. He made me look at a bright side of life, even tho my light is dull at times he always trys to spark it up. Now on the day he asked me out i got very ill. the doctor first said i had mono (kissing disease) so i was about to make fun of him for giving it to me XD but after some blood test there was no sign of mono, but i kept getting sick worse and worse to when i stopped eating cause it would hurt to much in July i had throat surgery. So after recovery i came back to minecraft but it took me till November to come back onto this server. So yea

I hope you guys enjoy is there is any typos im sorry i have dyslexia so bare with me on typing (i love auto correct im just saying) But in chat in minecraft u will notice too many typo i was given the nick name Typo Queen so yea lol I hope i get to meet every new player on the server. <3