In-Game Name: Marcusmillipede

Age: 13 (14 in January)

Why do you want to join the staff team: I've played on Cyberplex for over 3 months and have found it to be one of the best servers I have ever joined. It has a great community and I have helped players and staff in the past as much as I can and would like to be able to help out more with the server as well as punish hackers, trolls etc.

How are you different than all the other applicants: I try to get on the server every day whenever I get a chance and have been an active community member for a while. I try to answer peoples questions and help out with anything they need help with. I'm often on in the afternoon (UK time) when other staff members aren't on. At the weekend I also tend to be on in the morning when staff generally aren't online so I would be able to help out then.

Past experience: I've had a small server in the past (so I'm reasonably familiar with the commands and stuff), as well as being an admin on a survival server called DerpyMC (which I think shut down a while ago) as well as having staff positions on friend's servers. I also help out a bit on Cyberplex when I can.

Anything else you wish to mention: I think Cyberplex is a great server (best semi-vanilla server I've been on) and would love to be able to help out more.

Skype Username (if you have one): Don't use it
Discord username and #number (Required): Marcusmillipede#2657