The back story to why I’m Inverted Jack? Well, it not that simple to tell you the truth. I became Inverted Jack sometime late last year, it was just meant to be an alt account used for jokes but it became something much more than that. As some of you may know or not know, I have split personalities and Inverted Jack is one of them. Jack was a sub personality, meaning I didn’t use the mind of Jack that much. When I was with my other main personality I was really depressed and bored all the time. I was doing the same things over and over. All my friends had this expectation of how I acted and because of that I couldn’t really be myself. When I started to play on my Inverted Jack account I felt something I hadn’t felt before. I felt free. No one know who I was and I could be myself for the first time in years. But there was still one problem, my old friends didn't really like it when I acted myself. I stayed with my old personality for a bit trying to figure out if I should turn into Jack. During this time I was still good friends with Cinek_ and we would talk almost every day until he sorta changed. I asked him what I should do, gave him a week to answer… No answer. Some of you may have seen me being sad and talking about Cinek_ a few months ago. I would be Inverted Jack almost every day and would play on this server. It seemed that everyone here accepted me for who I really was and didn't judge me for being ‘weird’ or ‘crazy’. Still with no answer I decided to become Inverted Jack, the personality I was happy being. It was hard to let go of the life I once lived with for a few years. I do miss my old friends but I have new ones who love me for me. Cinek_ did talk to me but Inverted Jack was mad at him while my other personality still liked him as a best friend. I was in a battle between two sides of my mind. After months of trying to get over changing into Inverted Jack it felt like part of me was lost, I was leaving everything I once had behind me. I am still getting over it but I’m better than I was before, I am Inverted Jack now and I love it.
If it wasn’t for this server I wouldn’t have been able to be my true self. So I thank all of you for being my friends and letting me be who I really am.