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The battle for Cyberplex. [Prologuge]

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This is the prologue to the book I'm working on. This is a small story before the main story that explains what happened before the main story. This is my first time writing something like this so I hope you enjoy.
Disclaimer: There maybe errors in this that I have not noticed. This may change in fututre as the story develpos.

The sun shining high in the sky, the leaves on the trees slowly waved with the cool breeze. Players were building, farming and chatting and playing games together. It seemed to be a normal day for Cyberplex, but no one know that over the next few days, everything they knew would change. A player, who was a mushroom cow coloured blue and black instead of red and white and who wore a suit that had a distorted light grey colour, named Jack, was in the middle of building a type of cage made up of red glass and stone bricks until Joey walked up and started talking. Joey was a good friend of Jack. He also worse a suit, he had a headphones with a mic (only one ear part though) and also had light brown hair, and red eyes. “So, what is this again?” Joey asked
“I don’t know, just a random cage? Not sure yet”
“Well I’m going to the nether to get more wither skulls so we have more beacons, want to help?”
“I will in a min Joey, let me just put some stuff in my ender chest first, I’m running out of storage in my house” Jack laughed
“Ok, I’ll see you in the nether. Don’t take too long haha”
Joey was the type of player that would work very hard and long on building and gathering items, in fact he was the one who built a most of their base. Their base was made up of two houses, an iron golem farm, mob farm, crop farm, nether portal, library, potion brewery, a beacon, a blacksmith, giant chess board and Jack’s new ‘hacker cage’, a polar bear enclosure in the ground and another cage containing a wither. Jack teleported to the spawn. Joey went into the nether to go collect some wither skulls. Upon entering the nether he felt a gush of hot air as he walked out of the portal. Joey was about to travel to the nearby nether fortress but he heard two familiar voices. He turned to his left and saw Abi and Guppy talking, he went over to talk to them but he overheard something he shouldn’t have and hid behind some nether rack listening to them. “So, will his plans really work Guppy?”
“Of Corse, do you really think Dorito is smart enough to see what he’s up to?”
“I guess you’re right about that” Abi laughed “I hope this new player knows what he’s doing.”
“He does, he will make this server into a better place! Something Dorito can’t do, he never listens to our ideas.” Guppy growled. Joey didn’t understand what they were talking abou and decided to sneak past and get to the nether fortress.
Jack arrived at spawn and walked over to one of the many ender chests at spawn. The server spawn was huge, it was made of many different types of blocks such as wood and quartz. At each corner there was something different which helped players such as: enchanting, crates, information ect... She saw Dorito, the server owner, talking to someone. Dorito wore a hoodie with a fire patterns and a creeper face on the back, black gloves, a black cap that was on back words which covered his dark brown hair, headphones with an orange and yellow striped pattern and red/black jeans.
Jack opened up the ender chest to see what she had in there and put a few items in there. Until she heard what Dorito and the other player were saying. “You have been working very hard on here, and get along with everyone and your application was great! I’m going to let you bet helper!” Dorito said with joy.
“Thank you very much Dorito, I will not let you down” Replied player. That voice, I’ve heard it before Jack thought. She turned around and looked at the player. Dorito teleported away and she was not expecting to see who was in front of her. Standing there was none other than Luffiee. He had a huge grin on his face. He has a dragon with black scales and big green eyes, he wore a light grey and dark grey striped jumper. She had no idea he joined the server as so many new players had joined. Jack teleported home and ran to the nether portal to catch up to Joey. Jack noticed Abi and Guppy but just ran past them and to the nether fortress. “Joey, my old friend joined the server and became helper. I know he’s up to something, we need to tell Dorito!”
“Jack calm down haha, you’re just being silly haha” Joey laughed in a clam tone.
“I’m not and I will prove it! Come to spawn with me”
“Fine, but after we get wither skulls.” Joey sighed, putting his sword in his inventory and teleported to spawn with Jack, but it was too late. There was a huge crowd of players, Dorito happened to call a whole server announcement at the spawn. He was showing everyone the new staff. “Hello everyone, glad you could all come here. I am happy to announce that we have new staff!” Dorito yelled over the crowd with joy. Joey and Jack pushed their way to the front of the crowd. They saw all the other old players there, Deanipie, FunkinOli, Abi, Golden, Doom, Guppy and a few more. “Dorito never did anything like this when I became helper” Doom growled.
“Shut up, or he will demote you!” barked Abi. Doom gave a loud annoyed sigh.
“Meet your new staff: Luffiee, Cinek” Dorito announced and everyone cheered apart from a few.
“Wait… Cinek? Isn’t that another one of your old friends?” Joey asked Jack.
“Indeed it is” Jack said slowly, she noticed something was not right. Joey looked to his right and saw that Abi and Guppy seemed to have huge grins on their faces. He remembered the conversation he overheard and wondered if this is what they meant. He looked up at the make shift podium and saw Luffiee and Cinek who had just teleported there. All Jack could do was stare at her old friends. Cinek stood there looking happy until he made eye contact with her. He has bright red eyes, grey hair, dark red trousers, black gloves, no shirt but had a black cape and most noticeable, his red horns at the side of his head. She looked at Luffiee who was also looking at her, he had an evil grin.
“Do you have any words you two?” Dorito asked the new helpers.
“Oh, I do” Luffiee replied with this squeaky teenage voice, to which some of the players laughed. Joey turned to Jack to tell her that she was right, something was wrong. He tried to get her attention but a player from behind punched him. “Shut up, I’m trying to listen!” They snapped.
“Hello everyone! Me and Cinek are glad to be your new helpers, seeming as this server needed some help” He laughed. “But… This is only the start of MY plan” Cinek wasn’t really doing much while Luffiee gave his little speech, he just stood there looking around at all the players with a look on his face but no one know what the look on his face meant. It seemed something was on his mind. Over the few months, Jack knew Cinek had changed but didn’t know how much he had changed. “There is something I need to do first… Cinek, would you mind?” Luffiee’s voice had a sense of evil. Cinek nodded and turned to Dorito and raised his arm. Everyone looked in confusion. Suddenly a huge ball of fire appeared in his hand and he threw the fire ball at Dorito knocking him off the podium. Luffiee then raised his arm and was pointing at Dorito. A bright light formed in his hand and that light also formed around Dorito, nearly all the newer players had started screaming and teleporting away in fear.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Dorito screamed. The light then vanished, He was left lying on the floor confused. Dorito jumped up to his feet and looked up at Luffiee. “MY POWERS?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Dorito yelled at the top of his voice. The rage was visible on his face.
“We are doing something that you could never do, make this server better” Luffiee laughed. He then flew up into the air.
“Hey aren’t you forgetting something?” Cinek growled.
“HA, nope, I am not giving you op!” Luffiee smirked. A bow and some arrows formed in his hands, the bow aimed into the crowd. “Let’s start by killing off some of the old players. Out with the old, in with the new, HAHAHA!” he shot many arrows. Two arrows were flying right to Joey, Jack pushed him out of the way, and the arrows sank into the chest on FunkinOli who gave a girly scream of pain before dying, his items burst out of his body as it disappeared. He didn’t respawn. “Oh dear, Seems like someone has turned this server into hard-core pvp” Cinek said while getting a diamond sword out of his inventory. Why is he so evil now? Why is he doing this? What happened to my friend? Jack thought while trying to not get hit by arrows. Some players noticed Abi and Guppy were not being attack. Everyone was now screaming again and running or teleporting away for their lives. Abi was almost hit by a fireball but she was set on fire, Guppy helped put the fire out and they both teleported away. After all the chaos, it was only Jack, Joey, Doom, Golden, Deanipie and Dorito left at the spawn looking at the traitors. Doom had his helper powers taken away during all the chaos. All that remained at the spawn was burning blocks with arrows in them and player’s items scattered around on the floor. “Seeming as you lot won’t let us kill you, we will send you somewhere far, far away” Cinek said with anger in his voice. Jack didn’t care what he was going to do to them but she sprinted up to the podium, threw an ender pearl up and punched Cinek in the head knocking him over sending his sword flying off the podium. Joey got his bow and started shooting alongside with Doom and Dorito who had picked up a bow from the ground. Jack drew her sword out of her inventory and turned to face Luffiee and sprinted to him and almost about to stab him with the enchanted diamond sword.
Before she could attack Cinek threw a fire ball into her back. Luffiee clicked his fingers and everyone who was left at spawn was teleported far away from spawn and their houses. Dorito felt a sudden coolness around him. He was teleported to the end, near a big castle. The castle looked like something made by a 5 year old, it was made of end stone blocks in the shape of a cube with block sticking up at the top. Dorito turned to his right and stared right into the eyes of the player who caused the death of many innocent players and of who took over the server. He was ready to explode with rage after seeing so many players being killed, being unable to respawn, and his beloved survival server no longer in his control. He was worried about what was going to happen. “What have you done? Why are you doing this?” Dorito snapped. He was furious that he was tricked and betrayed.
“We can’t tell you our plans, but I can say that you’re going to be locked up here for a very long time” Luffiee laughed. Just then, Abi and Guppy teleported behind Luffiee, holding iron swords. Dorito was confused and was about to question what he said and why two of his old friends were with Luffiee. But he heard someone teleport behind him. He turned around quickly and saw Cinek for a split second before being punched in the face with great force. Dorito gave a grunt of pain, everything went black as he fell to the ground. Joey was sitting in a field that had very flat land. There was no sign of life around him apart from Doom, no animals or plants around. He sighed and looked at the unconscious form of Doom lying on the grassy ground. How did he manage to get himself unconscious? Joey thought to himself He waited until he woke up so they could look around for some animals and trees so they could get food and to make a home. There was no chance they would be able to get back. While he waited he noticed he still had his items in his inventory, including a map of where his base was but it would be too far and risky to return, and he didn’t know how maps worked in Minecraft.
There was a surge of pain through Jacks body as she hit the ground, luckily, the diamond armour that she was wearing absorbed most of the damage from the fire ball. “Jack get up please, or I will burry you” Said a young voice. She got up from the ground slowly and looked around. She was in a mushroom island biome, the land was huge and the air was full of a dusty type of fungus which gave the land a horrid smell. She saw Deanipie looking at her with his silly little face. Deanipie was a frog who had his eyes looking to the sides and his mouth hung open to the point his tongue was falling out his mouth. “Jack we can’t do commands!” Deanipie cried. Jack tried a few commands and it was true. The server was no longer in Doritos conrol. They were far from home and had no commands to use to get back. Deanipie pointed out a sign that read “If you dare come back to the main part of the server, you will be killed!” It was written in red text. Jack fell to her back and stared up into the sky as it slowly turned to night. How could this happen? How did Luffiee have the power to take over a server? Will Cyberplex ever go back to normal? As these thoughts filled Jacks mind, a new player had joined the server...
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OMG I love it!! This is amazing!! Surprisingly good! Very vivid and nice. Much better than i expected. Can't wait to see it finished!
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