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Hello Doritio
In-Game Name: Jakka12

Age: 16

Why do you want to join the staff team: I have been playing on this server for some time now. I love the server and I would love to help the server grow. I think i would benefit the server cause i live in a different timezone.

How are you different that all the other applicants:
I am different from other people in that way that, i am very mature and have a lot of experience when it comes to servers already. I know quite a few of the staff members from other servers already and are especially good friends with FunkinOli. I want to help out the server and can help in a few different ways than others. 1 of the ways i can help out the server is by supplying both premium and custom plugins every now and then that would benefit the server, help out with configs if needed, suggest / spot various "bugs" that might have been overlooked easily like example a broken economy and just in general support players and inform staff about anything "unusual" happening on the server. I have a ton of time to play and know even tho i have my server that i will have tons of time to spend on Cyberplex helping out!

Past experience:
Waaay too much to describe on this little application. But i have owned servers for the past many years and have been staff on a few pvp / faction / survival servers. I am very experienced.

Anything else you wish to mention:
I like cake and i'm rich boi

Skype Username: I dont have a skype account but you can add my skype account:
Discord username: Cant really remember what discord is: jakka12#6423

Also random extra note: Can you give me some food on the server im dying of hunger?
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Posted Feb 7, 18
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