In-Game Name: Finn_K


Why do you want to join the staff team: I have been playing on this server for a little while now -not too long, but I have racked up some decent ontime for the amount of time I have been here. I have sepnt the majority of my time building on the server (Which i am aware you have seen), whilst getting to know a lot of players and a few staff members.

How are you different than all the other applicants: Well, I don't think there is many other, if any, applicants or staff members in a Builder role, but if there is I can only hope I am a more confident and skilled builder and just as nice a person as them.

Past experience: I have a lot of experience over the past few years on a few different servers, mostly as a staff member or manager/co-owner, but this is not entirely applicable to the position I am applying for apart from experience of the situation which will be around me. On a more suitable note, I have hugely extensive experience in building in minecraft, building for servers, for fun and for build bundles of mine. My building ranges from large to small and across many different styles, and my skill has noticably developed over the years, to the point at which I have built huge structures that I am very excited about (attached alongside some other of my builds). Also, and importanly, I have a lot of experience with World Edit, if this is ever neccesary on the server. I can do almost anything possible with World Edit, and I am now trying to learn more with generating custom coded structures.

Anything else you wish to mention: Not really, If you want to view any other builds, they are probably on my page, and I can send you a few more and some Saves/Schematics if you really want.

Skype Username (if you have one):
Does anyone even use this anymore?! -- If you really want it I'm sure I can find out ;)
Discord username and #number (If you have one): Finn #1345