Here's the full reward list for each voting tier!

You can reach each reward tier depending on the amount of times you've voted.
Be sure to vote a whole lot in order to get all the rewards!

Also, remember that each individual vote gives rewards too!
You will be rewarded $500, 100 Claim Blocks, 1 McMMO credits, and 1 Vote Crate Key per vote.
You can vote thrice a day!
Haven't voted yet today? Vote right now on these sites!
Remember to use your actual in-game username!
Vote Link 1
Vote Link 2
Vote Link 3
Be sure to join the server in-game in order to get your rewards!

Number of Votes Needed:Reward(s) Given:
1 Vote$1000
3 Votes$2000
5 Votes$4000
10 Votes$7000
15 Votes$11000
25 Votes$17000
35 Votes$25000
50 Votes$35000
70 Votes$50000
100 Votes$100000
140 Votes$170000
200 Votes$270000
280 Votes$400000
380 Votes$550000
500 Votes$750000

What comes after 500 votes? ...Stay tuned!
Oh, and any questions about the rewards and/or the way it works should be in this thread. Thanks!