In-Game Name: Trump_Tower

Age: 14

Why do you want to join the staff team: I would be honored to join the staff team as It would be my pleasure to give a helping hand around the server. I want all players to have the best time playing on the server so my agenda is to keep the server clean and fun. I would be more than happy to help out newcomers and old players :d as I am quite familiar with command usage.

How are you different that all the other applicants:
I am a mature, inquisitive player always looking to help people. I am an active player playing around 3 hours a day (not on this server only) but, if you hire me, all my time and devotion would be towards cyberplex. I am a devoted player, friendly and respectful. When speaking in the main chat I would use proper grammar to give players a good image of the wonderful server and staff team! I am also a very fast learner, so I pick up on things quite quickly. I am not seeking power, but I am seeking to volunteer and give the server a good helping hand :d Thanks for your time!

Past experience:
I have owned a server previously.

Anything else you wish to mention:

Skype Username (if you have one):
Discord username and #number (If you have one): o0#6677